Skunk Run Falls 1831

Skunk Run Falls at McConnells Mill State Park

Skunk Run Falls is one of multiple waterfalls at McConnells Mill State Park that don't appear on the official park map. Tucked away in the Southwestern corner of the park, this is by no means one of the largest or most dramatic falls in the region but it is definitely unique. This cascade waterfall descends into a pool before turning at a sharp angle down stream.

When facing the falls, there is an undercut rock formation to the right that adds to the character of the landscape. While there is plenty of room for a person to fit under it for a different vantage point, it crossed my mind that the rock above could remain there for anywhere from a few seconds to hundreds of thousands of years. 

The same with most waterfalls here in western Pennsylvania, timing is key. This one will be pretty dry most of the year unless you visit after a good snow melt or heavy rain. 

As with any of the areas of this park which aren't accessible by an official trail, neither I nor the PA DCNR encourage that you attempt to visit it. If curiosity gets the better of you, it isn't too bad of a hike. Following Skunk Run from it's mouth to the waterfall is about a 10 minute journey. There were sections that required creek crossing and even one part where the only route I could find involved carefully climbing onto some partially submerged logs and branches that acted as a bridge over what looked like at least knee-deep water. It did take me a couple attempts to find it, but only because I wasn't 100% sure if its location, and turned back when I reached a point that I didn't think was easily navigable. As it turns out, you can't miss it after heading upstream far enough. 

Finally, here's a quick video showing what the view is like in person (check your volume first, it's a little loud):

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